Monday, November 21, 2011

Some goals for 2012

We're not done with 2011 quite yet, but I thought it would be a good idea to set out some fitness adventure goals for 2012 now. Why? Because we're getting close to when winter hits around here (meaning snow on the ground that stays, and little daylight), and so it's important to stay motivated, get out when I can, get back in the gym regularly, and so on.


Here are a few adventures I hope to accomplish in 2012:

• Do one "ski area" mountain road race
• Go downhill skiing at least three times
• Start swimming with goal of competing in triathalon in 2012

• Do one Half Marathon
• Bike from York, Maine to Bedford, N.H. Before they take out Memorial Bridge...

• Complete the 48 N.H. 4,000-footers. Zahnna has 18 to go...
• Bike the Kanc (out and back) before it gets hot
• Run in the Mt. Washington Auto Road race. Lottery is in February/March...
• Join in the Winnipesaukee Relay Race in September. Pick up rare towns...

• Half Marathon in Dixville Notch
• New Hampshire Half Marathon. Route includes three rare towns...
• Manchester (N.H.) Half Marathon.

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