Saturday, May 12, 2012

Biking home from Bollywood

No road races this weekend, but now that the semester's over (I've been teaching two courses at UNH-Manchester), trying to make room for a lot more activity among other commitments. And, in the process, for the first and perhaps only time in my life, I got to change my clothes in a movie theater.

Yesterday was a good example of how it's working lately. Volunteered to help at a colleague's Bollywood Film Festival, but it was such a nice day (sunny, dry, mid-70s) that a bike ride was imperative.

So the wife dropped me and the bike off at the funky Wilton Town Hall Theatre, site of the Bollywood Festival, which is about 20 miles from our home in Bedford, N.H. (Alas, I didn't pack the camera, so no original photos with this post.) Soon as I was discharged from my festival duties, I snuck into the unused "screening room" to change into bike clothes and did the 90-minute ride back to home base.

But that wasn't all. We have three dogs, and they really need to get exercised pretty much every day (as do I). So after giving our lawn a haircut, it was off to the races with the two younger pups, taking them on an abbreviated run/walk to a nearby brook so they could jump in and burn off some energy.

I held it there, and I'm glad I did, because my right Achilles tendon continues to feel a little dodgy. And I wanted to try a longer run today, in advance of this month's "50-stater," jaunt next weekend, which will probably be either Massachusetts or Maine. We'll see.

On that score, June will be Maryland (when I travel to a film event), and September and October will be Oklahoma/Arkansas/Missouri, which leaves July and August to fill. And then November will be the Manchester (N.H.) Marathon, so if I keep up the one-a-month pace, I should get to 10 by the end of the year, anyway.

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