Thursday, June 7, 2012

This weekend: State #4 (Maryland) out of 50

This weekend I head off to Silver Spring, Maryland for the premiere of a new score for the silent film 'The Wind' (1928), put together by a fellow accompanist and composer, Andrew Simpson. And I'll use the occasion to do a 90-minute run through the suburbs of Washington, D.C., thus adding Maryland to the list of states in which I'm completed a major run. (For me, "major" is anything 90 minutes or longer.)

Right now, the weather is looking hot, with Saturday's highs expected to be in the 90s. So we'll see how I do.

I'm a little disappointed because May came and went without adding a state to the list -- the first time since I launched this quest. Well, that's what happens when you have too much going on. I'll try to add one of the close-by states in the next couple of weeks (in addition to Maryland), which would make June a two-state month.

Massachusetts, here I come!

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