Sunday, July 1, 2012

Note about planning for July

I'm suddenly faced with a lot of opportunities for staying active this month. Here's a quick attempt to stay organized.

- After yesterday's (June 30) successful bike ride from Portsmouth to home in Bedford, I'm eager to keep the motivation going in advance of this season's attempt to pedal the Kanc. So, next Sunday, July 8, I will try to pedal from home to Harrisville, N.H., on back roads through New Boston, Francestown, Greenfield, and Hancock. It's about 40 miles, which is less than the 50 miles from Portsmouth, but there are more hills and more elevation gain. The goal at the end is to jump into Harrisville Pond at the town beach, then get a ride home from the wife, I hope. Other bike rides might be tried as well, but I'm getting close to where I feel ready for the Kanc.

- Saturday, July 7 brings a roadrace in the rare town of Langdon, N.H., which I'm sure I can bring one of the three dogs to.

- I'm supposed to go up north on Friday, July 6 and then again on Monday & Tuesday, July 9 & 10 for business. So I might just try to squeeze in some back-to-back 5Ks in uncommon towns at the end of each of those days. Let's see. I could legitimately pick up six towns this way, if my foot holds out. Still wondering why I'm feeling pain in my right foot. Hasn't stopped me from running, but it's encouraged me to take it easy.

- Okay, and then on Saturday, July 14, it's my first-ever triathalon at Surry Mountain Dam out in Surry, N.H. This will be a new adventure and I'm still wondering how I'm going to fit in some swimming practice before the big day. I may have to literally just jump in.

- After that, other commitments creep in a bit, but I hope to remain active nonetheless. No thoughts just yet about July's contribution to the "50 states" project, but that might come into play sooner than later...


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