Sunday, October 28, 2012

Looking back at October,
looking forward to November

What I got when I finished the Manchester (N.H.)Half-Marathon back in 2007.

October has been a fast month, with a lot of distractions. But I've managed to stay sane in part becaused I've managed to stay active, at least somewhat. Not so much in terms of making progress on my separate projects, but enough to be ready for something big next week.

That something is the Manchester (M.H.) half-marathon, set for Sunday, Nov. 4, and I'm planning to join in the fun. Not only will it be a good long run, but will also add State #9 (my home state of New Hampshire) to my quest to run at least a 10K in all 50 states.

Looking back at October, the 50-state quest is where I found most success, starting off with a wonderful early morning run through the streets of Fayetteville, Arkansas on Tuesday, Oct. 2 and then continuing with another long run, this time through the much more active streets of downtown Chicago on Monday, Oct. 8.

However, I missed two other chances due to cancelled travel plans. I had hoped to get to Texas and North Carolina this month on business, but in both cases the jaunts got scrubbed due to an overcrowded schedule and an ailing mother and her adventures with rehab hospitals and assisted living facilities.

In the New Hampshire category, October saw only one new town, Grafton, back on Saturday, Oct. 6. After that, things conspired to limit further progress. But I really need to get going on this if I'm going to complete it no later than May 14, 2016. If there's a mild winter, I hope to do a few more back-to-backs to begin filling in the holes on the map.

Still, the month saw continued running (and some biking) in between many other commitments. I would love to be below 200 pounds at my next check-up in December, and it's still quite doable if I manage the nutrition side of things a little better and stay active.

And November brings with it a Thanksgiving Day race in Sandwich, a huge town that will be nice one to color in.

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