Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oops! Missed a few!

Okay, after a pretty good run (pun!) through mid-June, the last few weeks haven't worked out too well in claiming any further towns. On Saturday, June 26, I missed (for maybe the 10th time in a row) the Goffstown Gallop, this year in favor of an impromptu climb up to the summits of Mount Monroe and then Mount Washington in New Hampshire's White Mountains.

The expedition was something less than a success, as above treeline we were caught in a frigid wind-driven cloud bank that reduced visibility to almost nothing and then started spitting freezing rain at us as we neared the top. (The photo is of faithful companion Zahnna cowering on the viewless summit of Mount Monroe.) I admit I wasn't really prepared, bringing with me only light summerwear, so by the time we reached the Washington summit I was really feeling the cold and beginning to lose feeling in my hands, enough so that I could not dial a cell phone. Lesson learned! It really can be dangerous up there at any time of year. As conditions worsened, we decided to get a ride down the auto road, meaning the climb didn't count because we didn't return to a trailhead under our own power, or using our own feet.

I suppose it would have been smarter to run the Gallop in Goffstown, which remains the closest New Hampshire town to my home (it's Bedford's northern neighbor) that I have yet to run. (In the end, we returned to the White Mountains to do the same loop on Monday, July 5 on what turned out to be a very warm day with much better conditions, so mission accomplished.0

The day after the aborted climb, Sunday, June 27, I was sore and in no condition to try running anywhere. Even so, I totally forgot about the Enfield "Shaker 7," another long-time race that I also keep missing every year. Sheesh! So put that one in the "wait until next year" category as well. And at this point, it looks like I'll miss a race in Ossipee (a rare town; I don't recall seeing this one before) this weekend, too. Let's hope I can get back on track and rack up some towns before July turns into August.

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