Sunday, August 8, 2010

Injury: News and update

The bad news: On Friday, July 30, I was involved in a bicycle/car crash in Manchester, N.H. Unfortunately, I was on the bicycle.

The good news: Though my bike was severely damaged, I was not. Through some miracle, I landed on the pavement by rolling on my back. I received a bruised left knee and some serious road rash on my left shoulder, but otherwise escaped injury.

More bad news: The driver who caused the accident by cutting me off (I was doing about 20 mph at the bottom of a hill and could not steer out of his way) did stop to check on me, but then took off before I could get his plate number or any other info.

More good news: Part of his car's passenger side mirror was torn off in the crash, which allowed me to find the vehicle the next morning. The car was registered to a woman, but the cops interviewed her and it seems the boyfriend was driving the car that night.

More bad news: They interviewed him and he's denying everything. So now I have to go pick him out of a photo line-up some time this coming week.

More good news: The injured knee has come back fairly quickly, to the point where today (Sunday, Aug. 8), nine days after the accident, I actually went running a bit with the dogs, and also took my non-ruined back-up bike into Manchester for the first time since the crash.

So that means it looks like I can get back into the road race scene after a month-plus filled with other commitments and then recovery. Thank God! I will miss the annual Cigna 5K in downtown Manchester due to a prior commitment that evening (on Thursday, Aug. 12), but I will try to get back on the board with races in Rumney, N.H. and Epsom, N.H. this coming weekend.

In the meantime, I've missed quite a few in the past month, among them Ossipee, Enfield, Madbury, Langdon, and Rindge. Rats! Well, just goes to show that after 110+ races, there are still quite a few towns I can bag.

Stay tuned!

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