Thursday, January 27, 2011

Looking ahead to 2011


After being sidelined by a bike accident last July, and then caught up in an autumn whirlwind that included dealing with my mother after she fell and broke her arm, it's time to return to this project.

I did miss quite a few towns after the bike accident, which happened on July 31. Just checked the schedule and I was aiming for something like 15 new ones in the latter half of 2010, and missed them all. I was well enough to get up to the summit of Mount Lafayette in September for a friend's wedding, but never got back into running enough for the races to happen.

At the end of September, I felt strong enough to do quite a bit in the streets of Omaha during a newspaper convention. But my mother's accident happened the day before I flew back to New Hampshire, and the next thing I knew, it was Christmas and the year was coming to an end. Somewhere in there we adopted a new puppy, which further complicated things. Anyway, the races stopped.

Now, looking ahead into 2011, I see...very little! I'm sure other races will get posted on and other sites, but right now the calendar shows races in only three New Hampshire towns that I haven't done yet: Brentwood, Laconia, and then the N.H. Marathon in Bristol. Let's hope a few more pop up in the ensuing months or it's going to be a pretty slow year for adding towns to the roster.

And so I'm stuck at 112 for awhile, the most recent race being way back in June in Charlestown, N.H. on a rainy morning. At least this blog is good for keeping track of such things. For now, I'm running some with the dogs but nothing much as we're under a deep snowpack here so much working out is taking place at the gym for now. Doing some skiing, which is good, and getting ready for an adventure trek in the Himalayas in Nepal in March, so the activity level should be ramping up from here on in. We'll see.

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