Tuesday, April 12, 2011

20 towns and counting...

Okay, the count as of now is a total of 20 New Hampshire cities, towns or unincorporated places in which I have yet to run are holding road races this season. They range from the Goffstown Gallop (next town over from Bedford, where I live) to a running/biking duathalon on Wildcat Mountain.

And none of them are half-marathons, though I may be tempted to try the New Hampshire Marathon in October (which covers five towns, by the way) and also the Dixville Notch half-marathon in the fall, details of which haven't been posted yet.

So, barring injury, 2011 could be a big year for the 234 Challenge. Right now I'm up to 112, I think (not sure, got to check the records), but if so, then that means the half-way point (Town #117) is coming up fast, after 11 years of doing this.

Stay tuned. And, fool that I am, I'm about to buy a new bicycle after wrecking the last one in an accident last year. So pray for my soul.

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