Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday, April 10: Nashua Soup Kitchen 10K

And we're off! First race of the 2011 season today, a 10K to support the Nashua (N.H.) Soup Kitchen. Did Nashua a loooong time ago but some friends were doing this one and it was a lovely day, so why not? Even though I'd spent an hour in the gym this morning, I showed up at Rivier College and signed up for the 10K. (There was also a 5K, but it was too nice a day to not go the full distance.)

Not a bad race. Finished in 1:02:09, 126 out of 169, for a pace of 10:01. I felt strong enough throughout to think I could break the one-hour mark, a rarity for me lately, but it just wasn't enough.

Still, I think I was motivated by running past the homes of people I knew in high school, which spurred me to run just a bit more quickly. Also, came across a blind guy running the race between miles 5 and 6, being led by a seeing eye dog and making a solid go of it. He really couldn't see: he was asking people if he was on the sidewalk or the road, and at one point nearly turned his ankle when he caught it on a curb.

I would have stood by but another guy was helping him negotiate South Main Street and my pace was a little faster, so I just kept going.

Next up is a new town: Antrim, where there's a 5K on Saturday, April 16. See you there!

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