Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A few new towns in 2012...

Okay, checked the upcoming schedule and a few more races are now on the calendar in Granite State communities I haven't hit yet. Among them: Dunbarton (coming up this weekend, on Earth Day), Rumney, Campton, South Hampton, Meredith, and Laconia.

If I keep up, looks like I could bag another eight or nine this season. That's better than things looked a short time ago, but still far fewer than I'm used to in a given season.

So, in order to complete this quest by May, 2016, looks like I will have to start running a few do-it-yourself races here and there. The first one of those may happen the last weekend of April, so stay tuned.

Not sure when the next state in my "running in all 50 challenge" will be, but it could be Maryland on Saturday, June 9, when I plan to attend a silent film screening at which a friend's score will be premiered. We'll see...

In the meantime, training has been erratic, frankly. An injured mother, a congested work schedule, a stiff Achilles tendon, and wacky weather have conspired to keep me off the roads more than I like. Went out with the dogs twice this weekend, but both were short runs due to unseasonably hot weather. Speaking of which, it's changed enough so regular bike rides should commence, meaning cross-training and less chance of injury.

Haven't been to the gym in ages but should probably start that up again, too.

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