Monday, April 2, 2012

State No. 3: California, April 1, 2012

Today notched another in my 50-state running quest: California! We're in San Francisco this weekend for a screening of 'Napolean' (1927), so took the chance to get in an eight-mile run prior to spending eight hours in a movie theater.

Bright, breezy Sunday morning for an eight-mile jaunt (give or take) through the streets of San Bruno and Millbrae, and along the perimeter of San Francisco International Airport.

Headed out of our hotel at 6:50 a.m., sun just coming up. Bright, breezy morning, wore just shorts but two t-shirts just to be sure. Right decision. Worried about sore right Achilles tendon but didn't prove a problem.

Headed north on El Camino Real in San Bruno, then east on San Bruno Avenue, over Highway 101 and onto grounds of San Francisco International Airport. Followed McDonnell Avenue south, underneath spaghetti junction of concrete overpasses leading into terminal area, then continued south down to Millbrae Avenue. Recrossed 101 to hook up with El Camino Real again, then headed north back to hotel.

Time in: 8:30. So that's 100 minutes to do about eight miles. Nothing to write home about, but enough to cross California off my list.

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